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Shipping & Delivery


The standard delivery time is between three and four working days from the time the order is placed. i.e. from when all items are ready to ship and all payments have been received and cleared. In the event that an ordered item is not available or it is not possible to fulfil your order we will notify you within 2 (two) business days to arrange an alternative Product, a Backorder or a full refund immediately.

Shipping of bicycles

Complete bicycles are always pre-assembled* and shipped in a bicycle box.  If you assemble the bike yourself, we recommended you have a bike mechanic give it a ‘once over’ before you take it out to ensure everything is in the right place and secure.

*Pre-assembled as much as possible to fit in a bike box. The seat post, the handle bars and pedals will need to be secured to the bike as these parts cannot be fully assembled to ship.

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Payment Methods

Premier Online Bicycle Shop, accepts payment methods with PayPal, Venmo, Chime, Apple payand CashApp, Zelle, Google Pay and Crypto.)

Pay Safely

Premier Online Bicycle Shop work with trusted world renowned online data security specialist, BrainTree Secure Payments, to specifically safeguard your personal information and provide peace of mind when buying online with Premier Online Bicycle Shop. What does this mean for you? The safety of your personal information is of incredible importance to us, and we strive to work with the best in the business to provide the best data security service for you. Braintree acts as a secure gateway during the online purchase process, providing an integral level of security, when handling your credit card and personal information online. Braintree is a Validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider. Learn more about Braintree Data Security Services.

Exchange and Returns

We advise all buyers to select and choose their product (including size and colour) carefully before buying, as an order to purchase creates a contract between the Buyer and the Seller. It is absolutely possible to exchange or return a faulty product no problem. For faulty products or products that are the wrong size, the bike retail stores offer a fourteen (14) day replacement warranty from the date you receive your product. If your Product can be replaced, it will be replaced with the same or a similar Product. If a Product cannot be replaced, you will be offered the option of a replacement Product of the same value, or of being provided with a refund for the total value of the Product. If you return a Product that is the wrong size and we determine that it has been used since its purchase, no exchange or return will be granted.

Return of Faulty products

Any faulty Product can and should be returned to the bike retail store from which it was purchased, with proof of purchase (paid in full email invoice receipt). Replacements for faulty Products will be sent to you at no charge within five (5) Business Days from the date the faulty Product is returned by the bike retail store. When returning a faulty Product to the Bike retail store, please ensure you also provide us the following details: • Your full name • Your address • Your order number • The date of delivery (or collection) of the Product • The address of the Seller’s bike store • Reason why you are returning the Product • Your instructions informing us how you would like the issue resolved • Contact phone number • The original order confirmation or invoice you received with your Product.

Change of mind

We are unable to offer guarantee on products or refunds for change of mind. We will however always endeavour to do our best to achieve the best and desired outcome for our consumer and bike retail store.

Warranty only applies to unused and undamaged goods.

Click & Collect

What is Click & Collect?

One type order variant is Click & Collect which combines the classic online ordering and collects the goods on site: The customer buys the product online via BikeExchange and then picks it up themselves in the shop of the corresponding bike store. The bike store prepares the goods for the customer, eg to build the bike or to adapt it to customer requirements, pack it etc. When the goods are ready for collection, the bike store or retailer notifies the customer and the customer comes to the store and collects their order.

This service is only available from the bike retail store from which you purchased the product, and for the products which feature the ‘Click & Collect’ icon.

Collecting the Goods

Goods ordered with Click & Collect are usually made available to the buyer within 2-3 business days (unless otherwise specified). You will be notified by the bike retail store within approximately 24 to 48 hours (or 1 to 2 Business Days) after having placed the order as to when the Product is ready for collection. The buyer is required to provide proof of purchase when picking up the goods (order confirmation, invoice) and to identify themselves.


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