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A gravel e-bike is a type of electric bike designed for riding on gravel roads and other unpaved surfaces. It is a combination of a traditional gravel bike and an electric bike. It is intended to provide the rider with the ability to tackle rugged terrain while also assisting with pedalling.

Gravel e-bikes typically have a similar frame and geometry to traditional gravel bikes. Still, they also have an electric motor and a battery that provide power assistance to the rider. The motor is typically located in the bottom bracket area or in the rear hub and is controlled by a handlebar-mounted display or control unit.

The electric assistance on a gravel e-bike is designed to provide a boost to the rider’s pedalling, making it easier to tackle steep hills, headwinds, or long distances. The level of assistance can usually be adjusted to match the rider’s needs and preferences. Some e-bikes also have a “throttle mode”, allowing the rider to activate the motor without pedalling.

Gravel E-Bike Features

Gravel e-bikes are equipped with wider tires, typically between 35mm-45mm, and have a more upright geometry than road bikes; this allows them to handle rough terrain and provide a more comfortable riding position. They also have a higher bottom bracket, which provides more clearance between the pedal and the ground. This allows the rider to ride over obstacles and debris without getting caught out.

Who is a Gravel E-Bike For?

Gravel e-bikes are great for riders who want to explore off-road trails and gravel roads but also for those who want to tackle long commutes or hilly terrain. They are also great for those who want to extend their riding time or for those who want to reduce the effort required to ride. E-bikes have some limitations, such as range and weight, and it’s important to consider these factors when purchasing one. Additionally, it’s important to check the regulations on e-bikes, as they vary by country and state, and some places may have specific rules and regulations on their use.