26" Kids Bikes

26 inch kids bikes are designed for children aged eleven and up and are often used as an alternative to a full sized adult mountain bike. Premier Online Bicycle Shop has a selection of 26in kids bikes available to suit all abilities and budgets. For more information on 26in bikes, see below.

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Showing all 2 results

Types of 26 inch Kids Bikes for Sale
26in kids bikes are suitable for children and teenagers standing at 145 centimetres or taller. They are often an alternative largest size available in a brand’s kids bike range. Available in frame & colour options to suit Girls and Boys, the most common style of 26in kids bikes are mountain bikes.

26 inch Mountain Bikes

26 inch wheels were previously the industry standard on adult mountain bikes and remain a popular option on smaller framed kids models. 26inch bikes are best described as smaller framed adults bikes featuring alloy frames, they are lightweight and more resistant to rust than steel frames. They will also feature similar gearing, brake and suspension options to full sized adults bikes.

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