650c Kids Bikes

If you’re looking for a road bike for your child, then a 650c kids road bike may offer the perfect solution. With many of the same features as a standard road bike, it’s a great way to get kids in the saddle. More information on 650c kids bikes can be found below.

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650c Kids Bike Features
650c kids bikes are most suitable for kids between the age of 8 and 12, ranging in height from 120 to 135cm. Road bikes offer a more performance orientated bicycle option, perfect for a beginner road racer or confident child. Kids road bikes typically feature compact alloy frames for a light and durable setup. They also feature a wider range of gears than standard kids bikes. Features of kids road bikes that distinguish them from earlier childhood models are wheel size and handlebar set-up.

Wheel Size

Kids road bikes have an outside wheel diameter of 650mm. Close to a standard road bike wheel diameter of 700mm, this reduced diameter wheel allows for a smaller frame. In combination with road bike tyres, this provides a significant improvement in rolling resistance and provides more control on the tarmac.

Drop bars 650c road bikes will often feature drop handlebars. Drop bars provide a lower position on the bike, improving stability, gear shifting and braking capabilities. This is often the first time most children will encounter this type of handlebar setup, so whilst it may not feel as relaxed at first, drop bars will eventually enable better bicycle control and performance when riding at speed.

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